Were to send patches & Looking for a example for ADC and DFSDM for the stm32f4

Stefan Jaritz


I still playing a bit around with Zephyr OS.

I manged so far to setup the UART1 using PA10 & PA15. This config is not included. I can submit a patch. Who is maintaining the stm32 dts?

Now I want to go one step further. I would like to use the ADC and the DFSDM module of the stm32f4. I was checking the sample section. I only found the "grove_temperature" as an ADC sample. But for me it still remains unclear how to do ADC in Zephyr OS from the scratch.

Maybe someone can explain it to me at an example:

1) ADC

My "simple" problem is to read the PC1(ADC Channel 11), PC3(ADC Channel 13) and VRefInt. I created my own board. I would like to know all the necessary steps to finally read in my main.c a value from the ADC :D

Think to solve this I need to add some lines at





2nd) DFSDM

The stm32f4 MCU contains a DFSDM interface. I like to use it to read microphone data. Are there people who tried to do this in zephyr? What were the steps? Is there a DFSDM driver?

Kind regards!


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