Re: CryptoCell access for ARM #nrf52840

Carles Cufi

Hi Eric,


The same is not (yet) true for Zephyr. We’ve been looking at making the CryptoCell available with Zephyr but it’s early days yet. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with progress if you are interested.






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Subject: [Zephyr-users] CryptoCell access for ARM #nrf52840


I was looking at the OpenThread page for the Nordic platform, and there was a note regarding the use of the hardware cryptocell:

Due to legal restrictions, support for hardware-accelerated cryptography utilizing ARM CryptoCell-310 is only available in mbedTLS library (libmbedcrypto.a) provided with the nRF5 SDK for Thread. The library available in the OpenThread repository does not support hardware acceleration. 

I was wondering if this is also true for Zephyr?  Do we / will we have access to the CryptoCell hardware in Zephyr?  

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