Sleep current on #nrf52480

Fabien Lepoutre

Hi all,

I've ran some power consumption tests with Zephyr 1.12 #... a00646a5

Using the samples/boards/nrf52/pwr_mgr at lowest power mode, I find that the nrf52840 has a sleep current of ~550uA.

When I run simple power management code with Nordic SDK in sleep mode,  I get about ~30uA.

To run these tests, I used the PCA52840 PDK board and measured the current using the Nordic Power Profiler Kit and also a third party solution. I'm confident the current numbers are right.

Has anyone ran sleep power measurements on the nrf52840 and have different results? 
I would like to understand the discrepancy between Zephyr OS and nordic SDK to bring down my current power numbers to the SDK ones.

Thanks a lot!

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