Using sanitycheck to run my project tests

Rodrigo Peixoto <rodrigopex@...>

Hi all.

I was creating my unit, integration, and regression test for a project I am involved, I was wondering if it is possible to use the sanitycheck script to run my own tests that are not related to zephyr kernel. 

Folder hierarchy:


I have run in my own tests folder: 

   $ sanitycheck -p native_posix -T . --list-tests
       - build.action_data
       - build.action_data_offset
       - build.action_enqueue
       - build.action_send_sync_thread
       - build.base_action
       - build.send_at_vsx_off
       - build.send_at_vsx_on
       - build.send_at_vsx_on_status_off
      8 total.

It shows 8 tests in total. When I run:

   $ sanitycheck -p native_posix -T . --outdir ./santy-out
      Building testcase defconfigs...
      1 tests selected, 107 tests discarded due to filters
      total complete:    1/   1  100%  failed:    0
      1 of 1 tests passed with 0 warnings in 2 seconds

It shows 1 test had run ok, but I already changed the test to make it fails but the result is always the same. Another weird thing is the number of tests of 107 discard and 1 selected... 

How can I run that properly? I would like to do that without copying the tests to the kernel folder. Is it possible?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Rodrigo Peixoto
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