Re: Help needed for Zephyr compilation

Massimiliano Cialdi

I had the same problem, and I solved it installing pyelftool 0.24

pip3 install pyelftools==0.24

best regards

On 01/08/2017 12:43, Vakul Garg wrote:


I am newbie to Zephyr and compiling source from HEAD of master branch for target qemu_x86.

I am getting following error.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/b16394/zephyr/zephyr-git/scripts/", line 8, in <module>

from elftools.elf.elffile import ELFFile

ImportError: No module named 'elftools'

make[3]: *** [include/generated/offsets.h] Error 1

make[2]: *** [prepare] Error 2

make[1]: *** [sub-make] Error 2

Can someone please help?

I could compile from below mentioned commit, but compiling latest code fails with above error.

commit bc2454fa9e966ab31db6b78439389f9066f840b3



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