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Serial communication Node-red 1 messages By DFox1 ·
#gpio ESP32: Could not able to toggle gpio pin [i.e stuck at LOW(0) all time though we set to 1 (HIGH)] 1 messages By Praneeth ·
Test if a given GPIO is interruptible 2 messages By leonardomt@... ·
Determining source of GPIO Interrupt on NRF52832 3 messages By bbradley@... ·
BBC-Microbit PIR sensor 2 messages By DFox1 ·
BBC-Microbit BLE MESH sending data 2 messages By DFox1 ·
Does Zephyr gives us an option to use Peripheral Pin Select? 1 messages By Rajat Kalyan ·
I am not able to configure pins as an input pin using the Zephyr OS API 2 messages By Rajat Kalyan ·
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