How to use ADC module for nrf52832 using zephyr OS #input #nrf52840 #nrf52832#ADC By Rajat Kalyan · #940 ·
Does Zephyr gives us an option to use Peripheral Pin Select? By Rajat Kalyan · #929 ·
Its a question regarding the nrf Connect App from Nordic By Rajat Kalyan · #925 ·
I have configured UART nordic services using zephyr api, but i don't know what fucntion oof api to use so that i can send data to the ble APP ANDROID By Rajat Kalyan · #922 ·
I am not able to read messages sent by nordic to nrf Connect app using the UART services UUID By Rajat Kalyan · #918 ·
What is the process to enable bluetooth so that nrf52832 is disciverable by other device (android phone) By Rajat Kalyan · #898 ·
I am not able to configure pins as an input pin using the Zephyr OS API By Rajat Kalyan · #879 ·
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