Fix Bugs, Win Boards

Thea Aldrich <aldrich.thea@...>

Hi Zephyr Community,
I wanted to signal boost the bug fixing contest we launched yesterday on the Zephyr website. 

"To show our appreciation, the Zephyr Project will be sending the 5 contributors with the most bugs fixed in Zephyr OS 1.14 an i.MX RT1050 from our Platinum member NXPTo be eligible to win one of the i.MX RT1050 please send a list of all your closed bugs and issues to info@.... Be sure to include your name and links to the bugs you are responsible for fixing between October 2018 and the release of Zephyr OS 1.14 in mid April 2019. Zephyr Project TSC members are not eligible for this contest. Non-TSC members from Zephyr Project member companies are welcome and encouraged to participate."

A huge thank you goes out to the team at NXP for providing these boards to the community. Thanks to their donation we will have additional boards available to give out to the most active community contributors throughout the summer! Stay tuned to the Zephyr blog and this list for more information about those contests. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this contest or need assistance with your entry.