SDK 0.11.0 Release

Kumar Gala


Latest version of the SDK can be found here:

Please download and try things out and report any issues.


• Replaced riscv32 tools with multilib for riscv64 toolchain
• Dropped package of MIPS toolchain at this point
• Removed x86 IAMCU toolchain
• Improved install process / packaging of tools
• can get individual arch toolchains
• don't need to install as root
• prompt for setting up env for you
• Replaced multiple x86 toolchains with single x86_64 toolchain for 32 & 64-bit
• Improve support for building on Ubuntu 18.04 host
• ARM aarch64 support
• Added SPARC support [experimental]

• Bump baseline to 20200116
• Removed support for Quark
• Various ARC fixes/updates

• Bump to version 4.2.0
• Pull in Xilinx Cortex-R support
• Pull in LEON2 SPARC support

• Bumped to GCC 9.2.0
Host Tools:

• Removed sound-open-firmware-tools as it wasnt used

• Added nano-variant builds
• Enabled long-long support in full newlib build
• Support newlib retargetable locking configuration

Thanks to all that contributed fixes and enhancements to this version of the SDK.

- k