BBC-Microbit BLE MESH sending data #ble #bluetoothmesh #gpio #bluetooth #nrf51822

William Fish

I find the best place to start is the samples, you should find examples of unsolicited messages in the mesh samples.

You may also find that the Micro:bit is notoriously difficult to work with due to the memory size. I currently have 3 working as BLE Mesh nodes but I had to reconfigure the memory allocation "a lot" and am using 99.45%.

Good luck


Daniel Fox <danny.fox97@...>

I am currently doing an engineering project for my final year, I have been using the bluetooth mesh demo on the zephyr project using the bbc microbits, I have set up a pir sensor up to produce a simple print statement("warning motion detected") to a serial communication terminal (Putty).
Set up as follows:
- BBC microbit hooked up to motion sensor
-BBC microbits acting as beacons to send data to final device 
-Final bbc microbit connected to computer with putty running

I want to send temperature readings to display onto a serial communication terminal. I am not sure how to send the readings over the mesh network as all i have really done is placed a print statement in the code. I'm wondering how do I send sensor readings over the ble mesh network using bbc microbits?(from my understanding I may need to send data packets but I'm unsure on how I would begin to code this). 
Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time!