Serial communication Node-red #ble #bluetoothmesh #gpio #usb #bluetooth

Daniel Fox <danny.fox97@...>

I am wondering if anyone has tried reading for a serial port using node-red
Currently, I'm using putty to read messages sent from my device built with help from zephyr mesh demo, as I'm using the bbc microbits with the nrf51's. Putty prints out a message e.g "button pressed" I was wondering if it can be done using node-red, it can read my usb port but it won't receive any messages. I'm not sure if it's compatible or not using c++.
I'm wondering if anyone has been able to do something similar to this using the zephyr project. 

I need this because I am using home assistant to monitor various parts of my house, I want to read serial port on my raspberry pi (microbit connected to raspberry pi) which is running home assistant and output the message to the main user page (like how putty does with the terminal).
Any help would be great thanks!
Thanks for your time,