Question about the QSPI flash memory in the nrf52840 PCA10056 board #flash #nrf52840 #spi


Good afternoon, I'm a zephyr newbie, trying to implement it into an IoT project!

I'm aware that there is already a driver for the MX25 flash memory device in the nrf's dev kit, but I wasn't able to import it successfully to my code nor was I able to use it properly. I checked in the Menuconfig application and marked every box that had anything to do with QSPI and the NRF's flash drivers, but was still unsuccessful.

How to use the flash device driver properly? I know this is a very newbie question, but I want to do it the right way, not by brute forcing it. 

Regards, Henrique Nascimento Guimar√£es. Electrical Engineer at VIRTURIAN.