SDK 0.11.3 Release

Kumar Gala


Some fixes based on usage of SDK v0.11.x and addition of QEMU for ARC, cmake package support, and some changes to how we build GDB. Please take NOTE of the changes w/regards to GDB.

The SDK can be found here:

Please download and try things out and report any issues.

- General:
* Added cmake package support to make it easier to find toolchain
* Add a -[no]rc argument to install script to allow skipping update
query for .zephyrrc

* Add support for ARC
* xilinx_qemu: Fix WFI instruction for icount mode
* SPARC: fix issue with timer in QEMU machine AT697
* Add support for changing CPU type in sifive_e machine.

- GDB:
- Added a gdb build that doesn't support python (TARGET-gdb-no-py)

NOTE: The name of the gdb executable will change in the next major
release. To maintain compatibility with previous 0.11.x we left the
TARGET-gdb as the version that supports python. In 0.12.x we will change
it such that TARGET-gdb will NOT support python and thus work everywhere
and TARGET-gdb-py will be the version that supports python.

- Changed python support to build against python3.8. This is an attempt to
have the python support work on a larger number of distributions.

NOTE: This may require install a python3.8 package on your system if
python3.8 is not available. On fedora systems that can be accomplished by:

`sudo dnf install python38`

On ubuntu systems that can be accomplished by:

`sudo apt get install python3.8-dev`

- OpenOCD:
* Pull in a fix for ARC SMP support

- GCC:
- Fix build issue with CRC32 intrinsics included from arm_acle.h on ARM
compiler.Thanks to all that contributed fixes and enhancements to this version of the SDK.

- k