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Hi all,
I would like to know the status of WINC1500 driver in zephyr. Is this fully tested?

We are currently working on a product that uses Nordic's nRF52832 with WINC1500 over SPI. For our development setup, we are using nRF52-DK (PCA10040) board.

We have connected WINC1500-XPRO board to nRF-DK on SPI_1 (P2/P8) and for the IRQ - P0.17.

Here is our DTS overlay that we have placed for our setup as nrf52dk_nrf52832.overlay in samples/net/wifi/boards

&spi1 {
compatible = "nordic,nrf-spi";
status = "okay";
cs-gpios = <&gpio0 3 0>;
sck-pin = <31>;
mosi-pin = <30>;
miso-pin = <29>;
winc1500@0 {
status = "okay";
compatible = "atmel,winc1500";
reg = <0x0>;
label = "winc1500";
spi-max-frequency = <4000000>;
irq-gpios = <&gpio0 17 1>;
reset-gpios = <&gpio0 4 1>;
enable-gpios = <&gpio0 28 0>;

And here is the nrf52dk_nrf52832.conf we have placed in samples/net/wifi/boards



Here is the command line used for building this sample for this setup - 

rajas-imac:zephyr rdsingh$ west build -p auto -b smtio_nrf52 samples/net/wifi -- -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Ninja"

rajas-imac:zephyr rdsingh$ west flash

When we tried to run samples/net/wifi with this setup here are our observations - 

 - WINC1500 driver still uses Legacy timeout API and requires CONFIG_LEGACY_TIMEOUT_API=y

Once we fixed this, the driver initializes WINC1500 and reads the MAC address from it successfully. After this step, if fails to set the Region, Power level etc and hence fails all commands from the shell. We are not sure if this is an issue with the WINC1500 driver or with the nrfx_SPI drivers. Would love get some insight from someone who already have worked on this driver, if possible. We can commit some of our resources to get this driver fully debugged and working with the following boards - 
- nRF52-DK as described here and SAMD21-XPRO with WINC1500-XPRO connected on EXT1.

We would love to contribute to this driver in terms of making it work.

I see that there is a on going pull request that addresses Legacy timeout API fix in drivers/wifi/winc1500/wifi_winc1500.c but it fixes only one occurance!!

We look forward to guidance and help here.