West v0.8.0 released

Bolivar, Marti


I'm announcing the release of west v0.8.0.


Release notes:


To upgrade:

Ubuntu: pip3 install --user west==0.8.0
Windows/macoS: pip3 install west==0.8.0

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!



Gerard Marull-Paretas (1):
west: initial support for type hints

Martí Bolívar (76):
project.py: delete dead code
update: make output more helpful
commands: add WestCommandSpec __repr__
manifest: filter duplicates when merging west-commands
MAINTAINERS.rst: some changes from going through this once
MAINTAINERS.rst: make copy pasting commands easier
version: 0.7.99
init: fix error message when init directory already exists
MAINTAINERS.rst: add note for starting next version
log: add use_color() API function
west diff: only print output for projects with nonempty diffs
west manifest: add --path action
lint: flake8 fixes
Revert "app: make main() in west.app.main module public API"
manifest: refactor the file
manifest: fix abstraction violation
manifest: make _flags_ok() always return bool
manifest: make Project.west_commands a list always
manifest: validate: fix error handling
manifest: re-work ManifestProject's fake attributes
manifest: fix Project.is_cloned() if abspath is None
manifest: remove some ManifestProject properties
manifest: clean up Project.posixpath logic
manifest: fix _ManifestImportDepth() call
manifest: type check 'import-context' kwarg
manifest: type annotate internal functions
manifest: type annotate public functions
manifest: type annotate exception types
manifest: type annotate Project and ManifestProject
manifest: type annotate Manifest
manifest: clarify validate() docstring
.gitignore: add htmlcov/
manifest: fix Project.git() cwd on windows / 3.6.0
manifest: use a crystal ball to aid the next commit
util: accept PathLike where relevant
test_config: don't use obsolete kwarg
configuration: remove deprecated read_config kwarg
configuration: don't use canon_path()
configuration: add type annotations
manifest: accept os.PathLike, produce str
app/project: add missing f for f-string
project.py: stop using canon_path()
commands: accept PathLike topdir
manifest: replace a realpath with an abspath in ManifestProject
commands: modify extension command internals
util: remove canon_path()
remove .shippable.yml
conftest: make it more os.PathLike friendly
app: fix import error followed by update
MAINTAINERS.rst: updates following 0.7.3
west list: fix manifest path
tests: add regression tests for 'west list manifest'
.gitignore: add .dir-locals.el
tests: minor cleanups
manifest: add missing return type
manifest: clean up some zephyr pylintrc complaints
manifest: debug log project paths
ManifestCommand: tweak manifest import error printline
manifest: adjust some implementation details
manifest: add 'path-prefix' key to import: map
tests: add test cases for import: path-prefix
manifest: update ImportFlag docstring
tests: clean up dependency handling
manifest: use typing.NamedTuple
add __main__.py
tox.ini: remove useless cruft
MAINTAINERS.rst: cleanups, clarifications
manifest: fix ImportFlag docstring for sphinx
manifest: bump schema version
West v0.8.0a1
init: fix 'west init -l .'
Improve west init -l docs
manifest: rework workspace escape checks
West v0.8.0a2
West v0.8.0

Michael Zimmermann (1):
add support for manifest filenames other than west.yml

Torsten Rasmussen (4):
zephyr base: Fixes issue with failing to discover Zephyr base
app: make main() in west.app.main module public API
manifest: adding manifest_path to kwargs when calling Manifest.__init__
tests: extended test case for Manifest.from_file()