BLE one central_hr connect two peripherals #ble


I am using zephyr 2.4.99 to develop a BLE program
Currently, I used central_hr and peripheral in the sample to load separately on two nrf52840s
Now the two boards can communicate with each other, can read and write
But now I want a central_hr to connect to more than two peripherals, but when I loaded the peripheral to the third board, my central_hr could not be connected to the second peripheral
In addition, I also added CONFIG_BT_MAX_CONN=3 in prj.conf, but it still doesn’t work.
I started_sacn() again after finding the UUID
However, after scanning, it will be found that the handles of the two peripherals are the same, and the central request will cause conflicts when reading, so how do you distinguish when the central wants to read data from one of them?
Or is there a sample program for one central to multiple peripherals?

Poyi Lin