Debugging Zephyr using no able to stop at specific source line after init.c #debugging


I have tried to set a break point at where the zephyr start to halt at the fatal error function, and I'm able to trace where exactly the exception happened. It ends up to the ns16550 driver in my board, require the option CONFIG_UART_ACCESS_WORD_ONLY


Hi All,

I'm trying to enable Zephyr with a SoC(4-cores CPU) that not listed in the Zephyr page.

Currently I'm able to step the code using the ARM Development studio and able to step (single step)
until the source line at zephyrproject/zephyr/kernel/init.c:233  (printk(*** Botting Zephyr OS Build .......))

The zephyr will always jump to system halt when i'm trying to
1) Set a break point after the line 233 
2) Stepping source line 

When I try to single step, it can go very far beyond line of init.c:233.

Then I try to edit the init.c and place a forever while loop before line:233, hopefully the program will help me to stop at line 233 without me to do a single step for debug, but still no luck, zephyr will still jump into system halt.

Want to ask Is there any watchdog timer implemented on zephyr that check if zephyr hang?


PS: Sorry for the incomplete title, Debugging Zephyr using ARMDS and not able to stop at specific source line after init.c