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Dmitry Shichenko <dsh@...>

I'm Dmitry, working in Moeco to create IoT solutions for the b2b market.
We're settling a new project - bluetooth temperature \ himidity sensor in connection with gateway, based on bluetooth long range.
Right now we're testing nRF52840-DK  on Zephyr hci-UART firmware to operate in HCI-UART (HCI only driver) mode, and Raspberri PI4 to operate host mode.
We faced some problems caused by the Linux kernel (Raspberry pi4) using BlueZ stack, which does not support Bluetooth long range.
Could you please help to find a bluetooth stack supported long range technology under linux kernel? Due to the fact Zephyr supports BT long range, there was info regarding this technology counterpiece. 

Thanks for your help!
Best regards,
Dmitry Shichenko | Moeco Project manager
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