nRF5340 GPIO FEM control (generic) #nrf53

Bob Recny


I see that a new feature of Zephyr 2.6.0 is: "Added GPIO PA/LNA support for the Nordic nRF53x SoC series." (under "Bluetooth LE split software Controller" in the release notes).

Are there any samples or howtos to show how this is done for a generic FEM with 2 pin control?

Thanks, Bob

Bob Recny

I'm attempting to use mainline Zephyr in order to submit a new board that will include a GPIO controlled FEM. I am not using NCS at the moment.


I got a private reply from Rodrigo by mistake and was asked to repost it to the group:

From Rodrigo:

Hi Bob, I've answer your question sending the e-mail only to you, sorry. If you could repost my first answer, to the group so others can see, please.

Thanks! Rodrigo

And his original reply to me:

Hi Bob,

Are you using only zephyr or nRF Connect SDK? I was searching for this last week, but for nrf52840 and Thread. This was the answer from Nordic:

It seems that they closed the previous "open" source of FEM control functions for Thread, not sure if it's the case for Bluetooth. It is available as a binary on nRF Connect SDK though, but it was indeed available on zephyr v2.4.0. Maybe someone from Nordic sees this and helps us. If you find anything, please share.

Thanks, Rodrigo