Zephyr and MCUXpresso question #flash

Ridvan Karaman


The main idea of my project is to update the software OTA using MCUBoot, DFU and Mender. I followed thisĀ https://hub.mender.io/t/updating-device-firmware-using-dfu-in-zephyr-project-on-a-frdm-k64f-board/1618 to set up MCUBoot and DFU for my board and it all works fine. However, the next step is putting and application build with MCUXpresso on the K22F board. What is the best way to approach this? Do I need to use tools from the Zephyr Project to build my application or is there a tool that I can use with MCUXpresso to build and sign my application? I've tried using the binary file built by MCUXpresso and sign it using the tools from Zephyr, however MCUBoot does not seem to find the image when I flash it to the board using DFU.