Zephyr SDK 0.13.2 Release

Stephanos Ioannidis



Zephyr SDK 0.13.2 has been released.




This release contains several bug fixes and enhancements:


  • gcc:
    • Added multilibs for the RISC-V RV32E targets.
    • Disabled MIPS GP register optimisation, which is not supported by the
      Zephyr MIPS architecture port.
  • newlib:
    • Enabled C99 format specifier support for newlib full variant.
  • qemu:
    • Added MIPS little endian emulation
    • Update xilinx qemu to 5.1.0
    • Added Xilinx MicroBlaze little endian emulation
  • openocd:
    • Fixed missing DBG clock on STM32G0/L0.
    • Fixed image verification for ARC.


Please try it out and report if you find any issues.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this SDK release.