Bluetooth IPSP Sample - Nordic nRF52840 Dongle

Matthew Larkin <larkym@...>


I cannot get the Bluetooth IPSP sample working on the Nordic nRF52840 Dongle.

Below is the debug output. I am brand new to zephyr. I started looking at source code and saw where these come from in the source, but unsure why. The directions for this sample imply it should work out of the box. Bluetooth: IPSP Sample — Zephyr Project Documentation

I have an Ubuntu 20.04 Dell workstation attached to it as the host.

[00:00:30.333,831] <inf> ipsp: Starting to wait
*** Booting Zephyr OS build v2.7.99-1576-gdb030c24b3a8  ***
[00:00:00.329,589] <inf> bt_hci_core: HW Platform: Nordic Semiconductor (0x0002)
[00:00:00.329,589] <inf> bt_hci_core: HW Variant: nRF52x (0x0002)
[00:00:00.329,620] <inf> bt_hci_core: Firmware: Standard Bluetooth controller (0x00) Version 2.7 Build 99
[00:00:00.330,383] <inf> bt_hci_core: Identity: D4:5A:7E:9B:68:AC (random)
[00:00:00.330,383] <inf> bt_hci_core: HCI: version 5.3 (0x0c) revision 0x0000, manufacturer 0x05f1
[00:00:00.330,413] <inf> bt_hci_core: LMP: version 5.3 (0x0c) subver 0xffff
[00:00:00.330,932] <inf> net_config: Initializing network
[00:00:00.331,054] <inf> net_config: Waiting interface 1 (0x20000fac) to be up...
[00:00:30.331,695] <err> net_config: Timeout while waiting network interface
[00:00:30.331,695] <err> net_config: Network initialization failed (-115)
[00:00:30.331,726] <inf> ipsp: Run IPSP sample
[00:00:30.332,000] <wrn> net_if: iface 0x20000fac is down
[00:00:30.332,061] <err> net_if: Cannot join all nodes address ff02::1 (-1)
[00:00:30.332,275] <wrn> net_if: iface 0x20000fac is down
[00:00:30.332,336] <err> net_if: Cannot join solicit node address ff02::1:ff00:1 (-1)
[00:00:30.332,885] <inf> ipsp: Starting to wait

- Matthew