Zephyr wi-fi shell on Windows 10: sending commands?

gianluca torta

hi all,

I have added the wi-fi shell support to my Zephyr project, by adding the following options:

I am on Windows 10 and use Tera Term as a terminal

the shell starts and prints a few lines followed by the prompt, where I can write commands such as:
wifi connect [...]
so everything looks good

unfortunately, when I hit the enter key, the command is not sent to the board

I have tried to tweak the config of Tera Term as much as I could (e.g. CR/CR-LF/LF end of lines ecc.) to no avail

does anyone have succeded sending commands through the Zephyr shell with Tera Term (or any other terminal emulator available on Windows 10)?

thanks in advance,

gianluca torta

just in case someone will hit this issue

I solved it installing Putty terminal emulator on Windows 10