ACRN Sample App using Zephyr

VanCutsem, Geoffroy <geoffroy.vancutsem@...>

Hello folks,


The ACRN ( team would like to have some sort of a “sample app” that can easily and quickly be set up by users and that demonstrates ACRN functionality in a limited, real-world context. The current thinking is to have one User Virtual Machine (VM) based on Zephyr. We are wondering if we can support these features in Zephyr today (when running in a VM):

- Zephyr shell over a virtual UART: there seems to be one that can be run over shared memory, cfr CONFIG_IVSHMEM_SHELL [1], but is that the best option?

- Shared memory to exchange data with the host or another VM (I believe this is supported, based on this doc:

- Cyclictest application: I don’t see that the tree. We had created one quite some time ago but we have not touched it for a while. Before we try to revive it, I was wondering if there was a modern version of cyclictest (i.e. one that runs on a recent version of Zephyr) that already exists somewhere and that we could leverage?


If you are curious to read more about our current thoughts on this ACRN Sample App, we have a wiki page for it – see