bt_le_per_adv_start() failing successfully

Jason Bens <jason.bens@...>



I’m developing a broadcast audio application with the nRF5340 SoC, based on the iso_broadcast and iso_receive sample.  At the moment, I can connect the broadcaster with multiple receivers and transmit stereo audio.  I wanted to increase the bitrate of LC3-encoded audio as I had noticed that the output wasn’t very nice when I bumped the system up to 32-bit stereo.  Unfortunately, when I increased the bitrate from 96000 to 110000 (the threshold at which I see this issue) , the receiver was no longer able to connect to the broadcaster.  The receiver is looping at ‘if (!per_adv_found && info->interval)’, where info->interval is 0 for all scanned devices.


My suspicion is that the broadcaster has stopped advertising.  When I step through the code, though, it doesn’t seem as though bt_le_ext_adv_create(), bt_le_per_adv_start(), or bt_le_ext_adv_start() are returning errors.  Rather, execution continues without issue.  I’ve also created a dummy sent callback and passed it to bt_le_ext_adv_create(), but this callback isn’t being called, either.  What else can I do to troubleshoot this?




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