Concern about #BluetoothMesh Sequence number #bluetoothmesh

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

Hello to all,

SoC like nRF52840 supports only 10k write cycles.

Is that means, saving sequence no. as soon as NODE receives message, on flash could corrupt it after 500 days if it receives 20 messages per day from same source address ?


Suppose scenario, in which Node 'A' with Server Model switched OFF which is part of Group 'Hall', and Node with Client Model is still active and sending messages to other Nodes of Group 'Hall'. 

Meanwhile attacker, captured the frames.

So he could use those messages to trigger Node 'A' after it switched ON. Am I right ? 


Is there any other variable similar to sequence no. which updates continuously & that we have to save on SoC flash ?

Thank You !!