Easy way to setup Zephyr in VSCode?


Hi, I am trying to find a way to build my projects in VSCode. So far I have been manually building in my terminal using west.
Is there an easy way to change that and start building out of VSCode directly? I might have to add that I am working on a custom board, so I don't think something like platformio is a good solution for me. Any directions are very welcome, and thanks in advance for any tips!

kind regards,

Jonathan Beri

There are options! I'd recommend this discussion as a starting point. There are 3 solutions I know of:
  1. Nordic has their nRF Connect extension that works very well with Nordic-based boards, and can even be used with non-Nordic boards with a bit of effort.
  2. A project from Victor called Zephyrus looks promising.
  3. PlatformIO has support for many boards.
Hope that helps!