´╗┐Espressif ESP32 development setup script and tutorial. #risc-v #esp32

Robert C

A Zephyr RTOS & Espressif ESP32 SOC Development Environment: Linux setup script and tutorial.

git clone https://github.com/Burtrum/scripts-zephyr

This single script installs ALL of the tools needed to go from "plug in the USB cable to flash the ESP32 board" in under 10 minutes.
The detailed README.md demonstrates step-by-step Zephyr workflow from configure and compile to flash and monitor.

I have Linux Zephyr development for the ESP32 working now for a couple of days.
I use a Python Virtual Environment to minimize Python issues and switch development easily between: esp32, esp32c3, esp32s2.

Successfully built the Zephyr "hello_world" for Espressif SOC: Xtensa 32-bit esp32, esp32s2. and RISC-V 32-bit esp32c3,
Flashed "hello_world" to esp32 board and serial monitor works.
No esp32c3 board available.
The esp32s2_saola board worked (I think) until I accidentally tried to flash it with esp32c3 "zephyr.bin" image. Now shows checksum errors on boot.

I currently develop HW/SW for the awesome Espressif ESP32 SOCs with their ESP-IDF/freeRTOS framework. Recommend it.

So when Espressif announced Zephyr support I decided to target a Zephyr ESP32 setup next.
I know I will spend hours of my life chasing endless details to get it all to work.
And for me that starts with writing installation scripts.

I really want Zephyr and Espressif integration to move quickly,
So this script is my first contribution to the Open-Source effort.

Zephyr with Espressif ESP32, RISC-V, Linux ... $10 boards and $15 logic analyzers!
It's all about the tools. I can't wait.