Hawkbit sample functionality #networking #mcuboot #mcumgr

Brenton Chetty

Hi, I am trying to learn how to perform an OTA update for my nrf5340dk. I was initially planning to use the "big_http_download" sample to download the update file, and then flash that image into slot1 using MCUBoot and MCUMgr flash commands. I managed to get the NRF5340dk to download the update file by integrating the "gsm_modem" sample with my Ublox Lara-R211 modem.

But then I came across the hawkbit sample, however I am not sure how to use it.
I changed the "CONFIG_HAWKBIT_SERVER" variable in the prj.conf to match my online hawkbit server's address
And I changed the "config HAWKBIT_PORT" variable from the Kconfig file in "zephyr/subsys/mgmt/hawkbit" to match my port for the server

But for some reason I cannot connect to my online kapua server (the hawkbit server is hosted online and not local). Does anyone have any suggestions on any possible steps I could have missed?
My board has internet connectivity.