[net]Why not respond RS message

guiwu.guo <hfggw@...>

Hi all,

I am development a Ipv6 project now, I have enable the CONFIG_NET_IPV6_ND.
But when the connection establish between two note, the note doesn't processing the RS message.
the log is like this:
[net/core] [DBG] net_recv_data: (0x200092b8): fifo 0x20003620 iface 0x20000e60 pkt 0x20008fa4 len 28
[net/core] [INF] net_analyze_stack: net (0x200081a4): RX thread stack real size 1596 unused 796 usage 704/1500 (43 %)
[net/core] [DBG] net_rx_thread: (0x200081a4): Received pkt 0x20008fa4 len 28
[net/ipv6] [DBG] net_ipv6_process_pkt: (0x200081a4): IPv6 packet len 56 received from fe80::d2af:d0ff:fe36:f04d to ff02::1
[net/ipv6] [DBG] process_icmpv6_pkt: (0x200081a4): ICMPv6 Router Solicitation received type 133 code 0
[net/core] [DBG] processing_data: (0x200081a4): Dropping pkt 0x20008fa4
In the code of icmpv6 that only register the request handler of echo_request:
static struct net_icmpv6_handler echo_request_handler = {
.code = 0,
.handler = handle_echo_request,
Does it loss RS request processing in icmpv6?