Simcom SIM7080 - no L2 connection to the modem #networking #modem


Hey everyone,
I am trying to get the Simcom SIM7080 Modem driver to work. I have previously tried the gsm_ppp modem drivers - and got them to work quite easily. I used the HTTP GET example code to test connectivity, and that worked pretty well. 

Now I am trying the same with the SIM7080 drivers (those have more specific options for connectiong via NB-IoT/Cat-M1), however those do not support PPP. When I try to get the same HTTP GET example code to work, it tells me that there is no Layer 2 connection to the modem. So I dont quite understand how to get that to work.

Here is the error it is spitting out:
[00:01:36.905,000] <wrn> net_if: no l2 for iface 0x20020b14, discard pkt

Does anybody have any directions on how to proceed here?