Using flash_read_jedec_id flash API call on ST Nucleo H743ZI dev board


Hello, first time poster here!

I am attempting to use the flash_read_jedec_id API call with my ST Nucleo H743zi development board, however while building I am receiving a linker error about an undefined reference to z_impl_flash_read_jedec_id, even after including CONFIG_FLASH_JESD216_API in my prj.conf file. I am aware of the devicetree compatible setting for jedec,spi-nor only being included in some of the pre-defined boards, but I am wondering if there is some configuration I can do to allow the API to work with this board so I can access the flash size via the JEDEC ID. I have not done any devicetree configuration for my SPI yet, which is where the answer to this problem lies but I wanted to be sure that it was possible to even configure with the board in the first place.