West v1.0.0

Bolivar, Marti


I'm announcing west v1.0.0.

Release links:

- PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/west/1.0.0/
- GitHub: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/west/releases/tag/v1.0.0
- Release notes: https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/guides/west/release-notes.html#v1-0-0

(Release notes on docs.zephyrproject.org may not appear for a day or so;
see GitHub link for the same information in the meantime.)

From today, west's version numbers will follow semantic versioning.
In particular, this means west's APIs are stable: only backwards
compatible changes will be made throughout the v1.x releases. Any
future incompatible changes will be communicated with a v2.0 release.

This version of west also drops support for the legacy Zephyr v1.14 LTS.
(You can no longer use "west build" with west v1.0 and this legacy LTS.)

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to getting west stabilized
enough over the past few years to declare this milestone!

To upgrade:

- Ubuntu: pip3 install --user west==1.0.0
- Windows/macOS: pip3 install west==1.0.0

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release's development,
testing, documentation, and review!

Jamie McCrae (1):
main.py: Prevent shortened command line arguments

Marc Herbert (2):
configuration: fix error handling of keys missing a '.'
log.py: minor log level pydoc fix

Marti Bolivar (1):
init: clarify --manifest-rev help string

Martí Bolívar (28):
version: bump to 0.14.99
commands: fix ExtensionCommandError constructor calls
main: handle ExtensionCommandError better
build: remove it
cmake: remove it
treewide: make v3.8 the minimum supported Python
commands: use dataclasses internally
commands: add output helpers to WestCommand
app: update command verbosity from cmd line
project.py: replace west.log calls
log: fix docstring
config.py: replace log API calls
commands: replace log API calls
test_commands.py: improve coverage
WestCommand: add add_pre_run_hook() method
main.py: rely on WestCommand to do output
log: deprecate the module
config: validate option name
tests: work around new git submodule behavior
update: add --submodule-init-config option
tests: test 'update --submodule-init-config'
commands: fix new mypy error
add typing information
tests: regression test for submodules with relative paths
west.log: defer removal date
commands: fix "no workspace" and other error paths
version: v1.0.0a1
west v1.0.0

Øyvind Rønningstad (1):
test_project.py: Add test for using "revision: HEAD~0" in manifests