[Zephyr-devel] Add ESP WROOM-32 DEV board to Zephyr RTOS

Carles Cufi

Hi there,


We have a board porting guide that you can use as a starting point to work on adding support for this board:



Feel free to join us on Discord as well if you have more questions:





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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Add ESP WROOM-32 DEV board to Zephyr RTOS


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This is Ananya KC from Urbanmorph. We are using ZephyrRTOS to program the ESP WROOM-32 board. 


 Under the supported boards in ZephyrRTOS, XTENSA board - ESP WROOM-32 is not supported. It is a 38 pin Development Board. When trying to run the sample blinky program, the onboard LED is not defined. According to the main program of the blinky program, if an error occurs, it means the board is not supported. 


I am writing to you to please support ESP WROOM-32 in ZephyrRTOS else, could you provide the procedure to add a new board to Zephyr.


Thank you.

Ananya KC