Zephyr Test Framework with Nucleo H743ZI #ztest


Hello all,

I am attempting to integrate the Zephyr testing framework into a project which uses a Nucleo H732ZI. I have followed the sample and have been able to successfully get tests to run, however it appears that the zassert macros do not work as intended when I use nucleo_h743zi as my platform. For example, in a test if I put zassert_equal(1, 0, "blah"), the test will pass regardless.

When I run it with the hardware, i.e. using the command ./zephyr/scripts/twister --device-testing --device-serial /dev/ttyACM0 --device-serial-baud 115200 -p nucleo_h743zi -W -T tests, I am able to get the desired results from the macro, though another bug I've noticed is that I will sometimes have to run it multiple times for the assertion to trip (which is strange because as far as I can tell it runs a pristine build every time). As of now I am basically just working off of the sample, but here is my testcase.yaml:

Any help or insight is appreciated!